Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ready For Fall & Craft Booth Tips.


How is everyone? Getting ready for Fall? How was your Labor Day holiday? My was great but busy. I was in Missouri and saw a little of Route 66! Love the nastalgia. :)

It is getting cool here in Michigan & the Midwest already. Right on time. Like the calendar & weather know exactly when to turn the page. The day the kids go back to school. The day the calendar no longer says August is even cool and cloudy (and could rain) today. A perfect day for paperwork & blogging, (which is what I am doing) baking apples or cookies or something in the crockpot.....

I am also getting ready for two Fall craft shows. Does anyone out there do craft shows? Or just sell on line? I have decided to be selective because of the time and attention the physical appearances take, but I look forward to them. I think they are important to marketing yourself and your handmade work. I have heard others say they use to do them and no longer do and just sell on line. I am still new to this somewhat, but am not sure I completely agree with that strategy. It is important to get out and connect. Getting out and meeting & greeting, seeing what people like, what their tastes are and what they are looking for. It is exciting to see them respond to handmade, knowing they will not find it anywhere else. It is a joy. :)

I am mapping out my table space and making inventory and merchandising lists. I try to see how I would like to display and what I may need to add for the look and feel of my booth. It takes some thought....but well worth it.

I am thinking, mapping rearranging around in my head.....

Going Home To Roost is a great blog I like to follow you can follow on Facebook too of course and I found her posting for top 10 craft booth tips so I am passing them on here. They are great and what more could I add?

You can just go to the link below ~

Love these! They can help you plan get inspired and hopefully have successful selling this Fall!

See you soon....



  1. I do craft shows in Rochester NY. They are a lot of work.They are also pretty pricy. I have done shows that cost around 25.00 for a show and made no money. Other shows I sell 25.00 worth of stuff and made only 30-40.00 So I barely cover my fee and only made a few dollars. There are several higher end shows where i may sell more but they cost 200.00 for a juries show fee and I am afraid I might not make that back. My best recommendation for festivals is make sure you tent is well lite. I bought a tent and got tarps for the side. They don't let the light in well which makes it hard for people to see the merchandise. The other suggestion is to know your market know what kind on people buy your merchandise and if those kind of people go to those shows.

  2. Oh my gosh Susan ~ Good discussion. I was wondering what everyone elses thoughts were. I am with you about knowing your market and to not get caught in over committing. Great advice! :)