Monday, August 29, 2011

Pin Me!

Hi ~

I wanted to send out a quick note to anyone following my blog who may want to come and join me on Pinterest. Loads of fun, great DIY's, another great way to market and promote others and wonderful inspiration. I added a link to my border (on the right) and you can to so check it out! :)

~ Happy Pinning ~


  1. First, your photos are beautiful! Second, I'm going to do a few craft fairs this season, being selective as you are. The wedding fairs are out of reach at this point-$800/table. I thought I'd be doing more shows this fall, but I must be cognizant of the finances in relation to my biz. Third, I don't know how to post a button on my site! Help!

  2. Hi Angel9! Thanks. :) Wedding fairs? What a great idea! I have not even heard of those?! $800 is steeeep. Geesh. Right ~ finances and time must balance. :) Adding buttons is easy. :) In blogger just go to the design of your blog section and go to add a "gadget" on any part of your blog you want the button. If you check out the freebies on my blog here there are alot of cute buttons to add. :) Once you click the "gadget" go to the "html" option. You are going to just copy and past the code from the button into that html option (it show up with a box when you choose it.) clickk save and you are done! It should be there! I hope this helps. :)