Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Falling For Hair Pins

Hi out there!

What is everyone up to?  I have been busy merchandising and getting ready for the Fall with some new fun things ~ both for crafts shows and for my Etsy shop. Ya!  This time of year gets busy that is for sure and this year is no exception. 

I have been working on some hair pins and clips and I just love them!
                                                               ~ Pretty ~ Pretty ~

I have been wanting to work on hair accessories for a while and needed to get the time and inspiration around to do it.  Years ago I worked in Neiman Marcus and upscale retail and often wanted to create the fancier hair pieces I would see for young girls.  These are my interpretation. Cute! 

They are easy too.  I used hair pins and clips with tacks, buttons flowers (both cut out and scrapbook varieties), glue gun and any other embellishments I could find to try.  The hair pins and clips can be purchased from Etsy or Michaels etc.., although I have found it hard recently to find hair clips or pins of any kind in my local craft stores so I have opted for Etsy supplies for mine. There are carbons and hair pins & clips in lots of different colors, sizes and styles.  I just love how they turned out!

I have to run ~ (besides enjoying a beautiful Fall day!) hope to be busy and post more doings and projects soon....bye for now..... :)