Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fur Babies

Wow ~~

I have needed to get to this blog for sooooo long.  I have really missed it.  :) With additional events and merchandising work along with family I have taken a much needed respite. 

I am glad to be opening up this blog and writing again. Ya!

How was your Thanksgiving?  Good I hope.  It is turning colder here and time for Winter.....

Since merchandising for me includes some fashion exposure and it has been keeping me busy, I decided to share one look this season that really has me excited.  Shut your eyes if you are a PETA person ~ (I am not), but I am hooked on the fur accessories and trends this season.

Now earlier this summer I was out and about at an estate sale and I could not pass up these adorbale and girlie mink collars I spotted for a modest amount.  What a steal!

Pretty colors and SO vintage!
Look how cute when topped on an Ann Taylor sweater. :)
There are some lovely looks out there this season in many stores as well. 
                           This sweet little faux collar sweater is from Banana Republic ~ 

                      perfect for winter workdays?
                                       How about this cute little number?  Just lovely.

I am just loving it all.  Now I was planning on putting those estate collars in my Etsy shop but somehow they have not landed there just can look for them.  Maybe.......

So sorry for the long hiatus but it is almost the end of the year and I knew I needed to high~tail it back into the good graces of the blogging world. 

Thanks for being here. :)

xo Julie