Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words...

I recently saw this Weeping Willow tree (and happened to have my camera with me) and had a million thoughts go through my head.  I think just the look of these big 'ol trees beg for a stop and a linger. A picnic ~ A nap ~ A good book ~ A long important conversation ~ A hot Summer day of shade ~ Rest ~ Protection.  Perhaps it seems lonely...  Kenneth Grahame (Wind In The Willows) had the right idea.

What do you do for inspiration?  (Besides read this and other blogs? Ha!) Do you have any daily rituals? Can you build an entire story (for example)
out of one simple picture? One simple act?

Of course you can.

One way for me is to usually pour over books to get ideas and inspiration to create.  I recently grabbed a book off of the shelf at the library that got my attention. 52 projects. It is filled with (as the title says) ~ random acts of everyday creativity.  How interesting. A book for inspiration about getting inspired?! Great!  It got me to thinking about what exactly we do to get creative or inspired.  

What do you do ~everyday ~ in little ways ~ the mundane ~ to get your mojo?  I personally have to clear the clutter.  Prayer and meditation.  I like the simple.  I think it has magic. :)

You do not have to pick up the book, although it is a cute little paperback that can fit in your purse. You can go to www.52projects.com and be inspired as well.  It has ideas such as taking a recipe and learning for example how to make the perfect margarita.  Or taking the lyrics to a favorite song, finding and writing them down ~ word for word ~ all of them.  One of two things will happen.  You will either think it reads like poetry or you will see the poorness and powerlessness of the words without the music.  A great exercise. You can also hop on a train for example, riding till the end and snapping pictures all of the way with camera in hand.  Some old ideas you may have heard of and tried, maybe some new that you think you may want to try. 

It doesn't matter your creative passion ~ crafting ~ writing ~ painting ~ drawing ~ photography ~ dance ~ singing ~ music ~ cook ~ carve or sculpt.

Turn the everyday into your inspiration. ♥  

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