Wednesday, August 3, 2011

~ BFF Bracelets = Hippie Too Cute Chic ~

Hi again.....

I am on here to continue my bracelets theme and I decided to work on some fun friendship bracelets.  There are many patterns and styles to choose from and I am not even going to go into the varieties at this point. I am sure you have seen or are familiar if not making, then wearing or have seen others wear.  Again, ~ our friends at Honestly WTF blog came through and did the post/link below a short time ago and I decided to do what I refer to as my version of these fun ~ funky bracelets in this classic chevron pattern.
What I am working on:  Softer colors for fall get rid of a little of the edginess & shabbiness of this look and add the cute factor!  

 You can go to the Honestly WTF blog and get the complete instructions.

Now the only thing I will say about the directions in the link above is that I do not prefer tape for holding down and securing while working.  I would much rather use a clip board as shown in the photos, (and what you would see in many Youtube tutorials as well)  works much better for a work space and holding in place ~ each his own.
                                                                       My supplies....

          Sweet!  Turning out great! The rhythm of the pattern is soothing to work on....
              This is my backyard right now so I am getting a little "flower power" inspiration here....

What if I add a flower pin to the bracelets for interest?  I am using these cute cloth pins as makeshift paperclips on my clipboard....and as a viewing platform for my idea.   This type of flower could become a cute pin accessory for these bracelets.....maybe a little bigger...bolder....
As shown with this initial"test" bracelet I made,  I just added a interesting mix up to show a fun fall look
Notice one l~a~z~y cat in the background.  Does he seem excited?
 (What do you think kitty?) help.

I am having a great time on this bracelet kick and am fast getting addicted to these.  The more the better!  They are so versatile and fun ~ young or old they have a sweet, interesting, hippie (groovy!) look that is hard to resist! 

I will be sharing more soon...I think it may be just the beginning.♥

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