Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One Small Marketing Step...At A Time.

Where to begin? (Me!)

I wanted to post this link (see below) to a great marketing post for your creative businesses out there.  I have been in marketing myself for years and it can be daunting and over~whelming.  Not wanting to get caught up in a day~to~day grind that takes you away from too much precious creative time.

This is a great post with a great perspective and to keep you focused on what is important.  Remember the old K.I.S.S.?  (Keep it simple stupid. How appropriate since I think today is national "kiss day" or something like that!) Anyway....I have not done Flickr yet, but that is on my list to do.  Save and archive my photos ~ which someone will or can eventually find perhaps, connected to a thought or creative work.....

Just a few posts or pieces of attention a day to your social media, groups and networks can make all of the difference.  (You can set a general daily time limit and stick with it.)  It can keep you connected inspired and getting yourself and work out there like only a persistent presence can do. 

This is a great action plan and starting point. You have NO more excuses so get going! :)

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