Monday, July 11, 2011

An Attitude Of Gratitude.


How was every one's weekend?  I had a very busy and productive one.  Don't you find that when you have one good idea or leads to several?  Well that is what my weekend was like. :) So I am going to take a moment and contemplate and meditate all that was right with the world the last few days....

So thankful.
I like to think I have a little someone praying and giving thanks on my behalf all of the time.  This is my little angel quietly and (hopefully) continuously doing just that. I was saying...busy busy busy. :)

I like to create jewelry from time to time.  It isn't by any means my only crafting passion, but when I get an idea in my head I just can let go of, I try to create an image or prototype(s) and see where it leads me.  That is what is happening with some divinely inspired pieces that are floating around in my head.  Now there are some great finds and creations that are similiar and that I have seen out there, believe me....some very creative people.  But in some ways I am looking at them feeling like there is a need for just something more.

Something more........but what?  I am working on it.  Trying to see what that something may be.  I recently came across several vintage necklaces that have jumped out at me so I decided to see where I can go with them.  This find below is the first attempt.  
I found an old (not very expensive) tarnished costume chain with an unusual bead combination for interest and added a dramatic, large, vintage brass pendant. 

I loved this pendant with the combination crucifix with the ever present holy spirit depicted with the dove.  It says so much....doesn't it?  I have not seen one quite like it.... 

So a great pair I thought these two might make...

Simple, yet striking and different. 

I will keep working and thinking on it...but it is a good start.

Moving on.....

Late last week/weekend I went and stopped by an estate sale.  These always provide much needed creative grease for the proverbial wheel...don't they?  They do for me.  So I will show just a few cute finds.

What fun and how pretty!

The cup and saucers are both French without a chip or crack (they were probably for display).  Just perfect!  The white ceramic floral candelabra is stunning.  Although not sure, it could perhaps be German (or Italian or French....that breaks it down...doesn't it?).  One thing I do know,  it is very old, unusual and beautiful.  As I am still looking it over, there is not a chip or crack on it or on any of the flowers etc...

No damage that I can see.  Isn't it amazing? 
Absolutely love it. 

The fun finds and antiques are a part of my Etsy shop I have yet to develop.  I have a shabby chic eye with things I am going to list and sell.   It is in my urgent tasks and these items may very well end up there.  Be on the look out or contact me if you see something you like on a post.  I am always open to make a sale. :)


As July gets going and the heat of the Summer sets in, it has been dry, dry, dry here.  Whoa...we need rain.  It is now a rainy Monday here in the Midwest as I type this, but a much needed tending, watering, fertilizing and sprucing up I needed to do out in the yard and garden this weekend.  I always like to make a last ditch hit to the garden stores to see what they are giving away before all of the seasonal annuals, perennials, etc... are just a memory.
This happy pot of geraniums was a great deal.  It will make my back kitchen door cheery for the rest of the Summer.  It really is a good time to shop for plants.  Garden shops get rid of their inventory and you get the plants marked down with the added bonus that they cared, watered and fertilized for you up to this point.

 What a pop it gives! 

In addition to all stated, I managed to get some other events & work done and get the week off and running....say'n a prayer, and so thankful for that.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow ~ Unknown

I hope you have a fun, inspiring, creative week ahead yourself and are grateful for every little thing along the way.  Thanks for stopping by...CHOW! ;)

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