Thursday, May 5, 2011

A New Spring Blog To Welcome!

Ya! So glad to be here!  I am going to give a quick post to get this blog off and running.  I finally have got a little bit more of a comprehensive place to stash all of my online biz and here it is. :)

"Who bends a knee where violets grow, a hundred secret things shall know." ~ Rachel Field

Spring has been slow in coming....sigh.   So far for color, just about all I have had in my yard are the wild violets that grow all over the place.  I have a shady yard anyway and still have tulips closed up tighter than a drum. Pretty but.....

Like many, I enjoyed the ideas and sights of the recent royal wedding and I couldn't help but love the use of the Lily of the Valley as bouquet floral selections.  So seasonal. So pretty.  I heard mentioned, that they are the Queens favorite.  Lily of the Valley are also the flower for May and having a May birthday they have always sprung up around the first part of the month, near my birthday.  I have a nice section of them in my yard and here we are.....May 5th and they are a little behind (even though they like cool/shade). Thank goodness the sun is finally out to give them the boost they seem to need.
Lily of the Valley ~ just about ready to bloom, my backyard ~ 5/5/2011.

The sun finally showing up was probably the bump this blog needed too! Ha!

I hope to post lots of fun things on top of this being just a great place to archive and journal ideas, work, writing, projects, to do's and the like.  I will be adding more of my favorite links and places so visitors can easily access and find.  If you see a project of interest or have a question, don't hesitate to contact me, my shop or this blog.  Be happy to respond or help.

Looking forward to it! The sun is gotta run..... :)