Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~ Blogger Memo ~

I've never seen a garden plot, although I'm small forget me not. ~ Cicely Mary Barker

Gee wiz.......

Just a Blogger update. Not sure if anyone else has had problems, but it seems Blogger has decided to be temperamental recently.  I am sending this out as a test post.  Always something.  Anyway...didn't want you to think I disappeared or anything.  I decided to give Blogger some time to get over its issues.  So don't forget me.....

I am posting some cute Forget~Me~Nots from my yard.  Even though cool, May is in bloom. Ya!
I will also share an updated Lily Of The Valley picture from my yard from my earlier post.  It is still cool and it has taken them sooo long to bloom but here they are. Finally.

Lily Of The Valley ~ my yard ~ 5-17-2011

Come follow, stay in touch and hopefully Blogger will cooperate! Bye for now..... :)


  1. Now Blogger doesn't want to show the "followers"...ugh!

  2. Hi Julie,
    Glad to be a follower! Love your blog! Hope you can stop by and see me too!
    Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

  3. Debi & Corey ~ Post a link to your blogs here (would love if you did. :) I will be sure to follow. Faved both Etsy shops....thank you! :)