Tuesday, July 3, 2012

There's A Summer Place For Music ~~

~All The Way~ Duet Frank Sinatra & Celine Dion 2001 ~ Not only is this song beautiful I get a charge out of the lovely subtleties of love in this song that I don't think many even understand or give a thought to these days. ~~

I love linky parties! I don't do enough of them and it is a good reason to update my blog ~ ha!

How about a little love song summer fun?  I am sharing my quick list of songs to add on www.bettybuigles.com ~ on her blog ~ check it out! How about a top 5?  I am going to indulge and add some of my favorite love songs here to share.  A couple of just personal favorites (like the one above) while others have sentimental strings. 

Moonlight Serenade ~ Sinatra  Another favorite ~ *sigh* ~~ :)

Any guy who *understands* (let alone sing this tune) is a WINNER! ~ Try A Little Tenderness~ Michael Buble ~ music my husband bought me. :)

Elton can do a love song for sure. More music given from the hubby. :)
Something About The Way You Look Tonight ~ 2007 

Bon Jovi ~ Thank You For Loving Me. Because...well...it is dripping with that wonderful combination of rocker sweet perfection and I am an 80's girl. :)

Nat King Cole ~ Unforgettable. In honor of my parents.  I remember this music as a child. :)

With a summer wedding to attend next month it is great *mood* setting stuff ~ enjoy! :)

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  1. Love these! Michael Buble gets me every time! Elton John, too. Sigh. :)