Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Burlap Love

Hi again!

Whew....where is the time going?  For all of you creatives, you know this can be a busy time of year and this year is no exception. 

So many fun things on my plate and things I want to try so I wanted to pass off some work I have been doing with burlap.  Now...o.k....I will admit I am having a slight love affair with this now trendy fad, but it is sooo versatile and soo wonderful.  Can't help myself.  I recently went to a local craft store and they had a whole bolt of white burlap in the clearance bin! Goodness what to do but buy it! :) I have been working and making some wreaths and wanted to at least give you a peek....I can pass off the tutorial later.....but I think they are turning out great.....  :)
   Shabby & fab. Can you imagine using this white burlap to decorate a wedding with?! Oh I can! :)

The other little thing with burlap I wanted to master was the ability to print on it.  I have seen a couple of  tutorials that I will pass on as well....

~ Tutorial #1 ~ For all kinds of fabrics.

Tutorial #2 ~ For burlap.

Here is my attempt. ~ ~

Wonderful! Now how many things can I do with this little skill and idea? I was a little scared putting this in my printer, but it worked beautifully. Inspiration is endless I know ~~ So excited!

If you have given this a try or do let me know...would love for you to share. :)

I hope you are creating up a wind storm yourself.  :)  The days are moving quickly and the busy holidays will be here before we know it.  Enjoy your Fall and see you very soon.....



  1. Ha! Cool! I just used this freezer paper method for the first time this week! Can you believe I had the paper for nearly three years before plucking up the courage to use it...now I've done three pillows! love it on burlap!! thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Rona! Yes I can beleive you had the paper for three years. I was scared to death to put it in my printer. :/ *Yikes* :) Thanks for the boost of encouragement to get on project game here now that I plucked past the printer test!