Monday, June 13, 2011

Translucent & Transcendent

This should be the last in my series of candle posts.  This is also a past project I am transferring to this blog, that I have been meaning to post, so all of you wonderful new followers can have for reference and I can keep and not forget in my new blog home.

So lovely are these meditative prayer candles. 

They are made from old prayer card prints that were made digital or I scanned, and copied on to transfer paper.  This is a really easy project that I first saw a version with Stampington with the transfer paper and then I have also seen various printed prayer candles done, so what I did is to combine these projects into one to get the look I was going for.

Things you will need:

Translucent transfer paper
Craft glue
Embellishments ~ ribbon, beads, lace and pretties
Glass candle holder
Scissors for trimming

Because I adored these old images of Mary and this French Sacred Heart from old prayer cards, I again used these images from the Graphics Fairy. :) I have however; (and you can too) scanned many old images and prayer cards myself to create images for crafting that I have wanted and used.  The translucent paper is nothing short of amazing!  If you look at the image above you can see how the candles glow through the images placed on this paper.  Just beautiful effects.

Aren't they lovely?

The Sacred Heart looks so French, so richly indulgent & passionate. I just love the little prayer on this one.

~ Divine Heart of Jesus inflame my heart with the divine love with which thou burnest.~

Of course you can use any images. The original project in Stampington was done with nature, birds, butterflies, florals etc...just lovely. Here is the link to the Somerset Home 2010 issue by Stampington & Company.  It has the Glamerella Glass Votive project listed by Sherry Mattia-Welch 

I used a 7 in. glass holder, but you can play with sizes of course.  You can find them at dollar & craft stores.  I turned the image on its side and printed a 5 x 7 image.  It wraps  around this holder perfectly and all you need to do is a little trimming with scissors.  You can then smooth the glue on the back of the image in a nice even layer place over holder to set and afix. When dry you can add, ribbon, beads, lace (as I did above) or anything you like!  Place a good 3 in. or large pillar candle inside and it is ready for gifting, giving or burning.

I have sold quite a few and have had them in my Etsy shop so stop on by or drop me a line if you have questions too.  Always happy to help.

Prayer in the proper setting is peaceful, wonderful and fulfilling.  I hope these add a little spark to any an all hearts that come to be with them. Amen.


  1. I truly love these. I have made various versions, too, but these ones are really beautiful. I love the old prayer card. I think Mary Green sells a collection, too. Thanks so much for your directions. That was very thoughtful.

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  3. Sorry, I mispelled something!! I love these candles. I had never heard of the transluscent paper!

  4. Oh these are just beautiful! I have to make them. Thanks for posting the "how to"

  5. You are welcome ladies! I had not heard of the transluscent (I sometimes just call transfer paper) idea either. It is a very pretty affect. :)

  6. Such a beautiful result. I have a question, does the heat melt the glue that is holding the ribbon and embellishments? Thanks - Denise

  7. Stopping over from the Graphics Fairy, these are mum would love these. Thanks for instructions.

  8. You ar very welcome Sweet Pea.:) Jeff; I have not found these candles to get hot enough to melt anything on the outside; however I just have the embellishments "tied" on and when burning you could slip off and re~tie back on when not in use. :)